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I Am Infinite Eternal...

Guided Blissitations from EnTheos Academy...

By Brian Johnson

Now we're super excited to be producing Guided Blissitations with some of our favorite teachers from the Entheos Academy.

Whether you're looking to find your purpose and create your ideal day or live with more love and discipline and vibrancy, we'll have some goodness for you.

I'm giddy to share our first batch of Guided Blissitations with you featuring four of my favorite people on the planet:

Pilar Gerasimo (the uber-wise and brilliant Editor in Chief of Experience Life magazine who helps us create our ideal day (and lives!))

Elena Brower (the extraordinary yoga teacher and founder of Virayoga who helps us 'meet in the heart' as we deepen our love for ourselves and peeps in our lives)

Tripp Lanier (the hip and funny host of The New Man show who helps guys move beyond the macho jerk and the new age wimp (guys: looking for a cool meditation? This is it!))

My wonderful wife, Alexandra, whose soothing voice will help you get your optimism, blissipline and sleep on! :-)

Check 'em out:

Your Ideal Day with Pilar Gerasimo-


Imagine and create the life you choose to live.

Get clear about what matters to you and what makes you happy. Focus more powerfully on the areas you'd like to change in your life, from health and fitness, to home, career, finance, relationships and more.

Use this Blissitation whenever you need a dose of inspiration or want to tap into your clarity of purpose.

Pilar Gerasimo is the founding editor of Experience Life, an award-winning healthy-living magazine that reaches nearly 3 million people nationwide.

Learn more and buy the album here:

Meeting in the Heart with Elena Brower-


Send an invitation to all aspects of yourself to gather in your Heart.

In your heart is where you make space to welcome all the disparate parts of yourself back home. You'll be guided to experience how you can move healing energy from your heart outward, bathing your body in love and wholeness, then drawing the energy back to your own heart.

Elena Brower brings practical, day-to-day relevance to the practice of yoga. Her classes are a masterful, candid blend of artful alignment and attention cues; pure empowerment for your body, mind and heart.

Learn more and buy the album here:

The New Man with Tripp Lanier-


Tired of wondering where your life is headed?

Exhausted from tolerating a mediocre version of your life? Scared that your best days are behind you? This Blissitation is for men who want to connect with their passion, purpose, and feel more alive. You'll start to orient your life around what truly matters to you, tolerate less BS, and enjoy your life a heck of a lot more.

Tripp Lanier is host of The New Man Podcast, an entrepreneur and an artist. He has coached men all over the world to figure out what they truly care about, to connect with their life’s purpose and to navigate the challenging world of relationships.

Learn more and buy the album here:

I Am Optimistic with Alexandra Jaye Johnson-


Scientifically, we know we can create more optimism, hope and enthusiasm in our lives.

This Blissitation will help you become more optimistic about your life and your future, helping you dissolve your fears, worries and doubts.

Listening to this Blissitation consistently will leave you energized, renewed and optimistic, and with practice you'll develop a more global optimistic attitude.

Alexandra Jaye Johnson loves studying life & living out loud. She's the Chief Goddess & Co-Founder of en*theos.

She also loves inspiring and empowering peeps to rock their most authentically awesome lives.

Learn more and buy the album here:

I Am Blissiplined with Alexandra Jaye Johnson-


This Blissitation is to help you become more disciplined and create habits and rituals that support you in living your greatest life.

Michael Bernard Beckwith has this to say about discipline...

"Discipline eventually becomes what I call a “blissipline” because it leads to playing our part with integrity, dignity, elegance, passion, and deep contentment.”

Listen daily for a supercharged dose of reinforcement as you do the daily behaviors you know will increase your happiness, meaning and mojo.

I Am Sleeping with Alexandra Jaye Johnson-


Do you (or someone you know) have trouble sleeping?

Then this Guided Blissitation is for you!

In I Am Sleeping, Alexandra shares a super-relaxing “Guided Blissitation” that helps you get out of your head and into a really deep, relaxed state.

The 50-minute track features her 25-minute guided meditation accompanied by beautiful, soothing music and inaudible, fancy-pants “binaural beats” Delta-wave technology that gently helps your brain slow down and move from an active Beta state to Alpha then into Theta and all the way down to a super-chillaxed Delta state.

(You also get a 50-minute “Instrumental” only version--with just the Delta waves and soothing music!)

There ya go. Blissitations. Super excited to share a lot more on this front and I hope you're getting your meditation on!!

Trust you're doing great and sending lots of love,