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I Am Infinite Eternal...

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Manipulative Psychology- If you're easily offended, you should probably not read this...

By Mr. X

Manipulative Psychology - Get Anything You Want

If you're easily offended, you should probably not read this.

If not, I'm going to share a "dirty little secret" with you that's going to turn your life upside-down...

First, I'm going to make you hate me.

I'm going to get you so ANGRY you could spit... but after all that, you're going to thank me from the bottom of your heart for getting your attention and WAKING YOU UP.

Look. Let's be honest here.

I'm not going to be another one of those who just blows smoke up your butt and tells you to "be yourself" and "everything will be alright."

Ask yourself this HARD question:

What has "being yourself" done for you?

If that actually worked, wouldn't you already be Mr. Popular, Mr. Wanted, Mr. Sexed Up... if it worked, you wouldn't have ANY issues right now would you?

And yet, here we are.

And yes, you do have issues, don't you.

Well, it should be obvious you NEED a shocking, earth-shattering change.

This website I'm going to send you to is going to help you. But it's also going to PISS YOU OFF. I get hate-mail from this site almost every day...

But then I get the same folks who cursed me in the beginning, thanking me with tears in their eyes because I was the ONLY one who smacked them in the face with a REAL solution.

And one that gives them:

* Popularity

* Sex

* Admiration

* Endless friends

* Laughter

* Success

And much more...

So, I'm not going to beg you to visit this web site. Frankly, if you think you're already living the "good life" then don't waste your time.

BUT if this letter has opened your eyes, furrowed your eyebrows and made you realize you NEED a real change, then steel yourself and CLICK HERE:

This isn't for the faint-hearted.

It's REAL psychological tactics that work, period. Nothing works better, or faster to transform you from a whiney loser into a WINNER who feels ten-foot-tall and bullet proof...

If you're ready to feel THAT, go here:

If not, you can keep lying to yourself.

It's your choice, after all.

If you can get past the cruel honesty on this web site, it will CHANGE you.

To A Better You,

Mr. X

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Manipulative Psychology 101 - I'm Popular You're Not