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I Am Infinite Eternal...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Listen to fun, yummy musics for an instant high!

You can now access 20 of our most important gifts from the last few years, including free listens of all our most popular albums... all on one download page.

If you've heard the albums before - hear them all again for free :)

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Rewriting Your Story - Guided meditation mp3 - You'll be taken on a journey through a mansion with many doors. One of those doors will call you. A magical experience awaits...

Enhance your psychic abilities and feel oneness with everything, with 'breathtaking' music mixed with special frequencies

Listen to fun 'yummy' music designed to help release natural 'feel good' chemicals in your brain for an instant high!

A Message from the Future mp3 - Inspirational message from 100 years in the future ...filled with immense wisdom and mixed with stunning music

Learn about the ancient solfeggio frequencies that are said to contain the power of transformation. Experience them with the 396 Hz Liberation from fear mp3

Sacred Love - Beautiful heart chakra music mp3 - Enhanced with frequencies which also resonate with the heart for powerful physical and emotional healing ...plus special guided meditation mp3

Enjoy the deepest relaxation and the deepest healing with deep delta frequencies and brilliant acoustic guitar

Discover the frequencies essential for your physical and pychological health - and download them in the mp3 mixed with modern classical music

Experience 'Bio Sonic music' performed on sacred global instruments ...and revitalize your energy field

Discover the next generation of music with the Better Heath mp3 - Wonderful healing music, mixed with healing frequencies ...and healing affirmations

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Have fun :)

Cyndi and Iain