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I Am Infinite Eternal...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mind Power Mp3- Inner Journeys Collection Volume 1...

Source: Mind Power Mp3

We have fallen in love with Christopher Lloyd Clarke's music...

...Just like everyone else who spends any time with it.

We celebrate the release of 2 brand new albums from Christopher from His Inner Journeys Collection Volume 1:

Enlighten Me- Took 5 years of contemplation and 4 months to record.

In Spiritus- If you liked Sacred Love from Chris's album The Awakening, you'll love this new album.

Click here to listen to free samples of his new albums>>>
Inner Journeys Collection Volume 1
The collection contains stunningly beautiful music that will Help you connect with your emotional core (the beautiful angelic In-Spiritus).

Bring you a strong feeling of enlightenment, purity and peace (Enlighten Me).

Uplift you to an elevated state of consciousness while simultaneously relaxing you to your core (Ascension).

Relax your mind and wash away troubling thoughts (Untold Depths).

Enhanced with alpha, theta and delta frequencies...

Enlighten Me has been enhanced with alpha brain wave entrainment for a clarity of mind, accelerated learning and enhanced creativity (I am listening now while I write and I can attest to the clarity of mind and enhanced creativity - not to mention relaxed shoulders and very peaceful happy ears).

To Ascension has been added theta brain wave entrainment for tremendous stress relief, enhanced healing, improved memory, as well as providing a doorway to other than conscious information...

To Untold Depths delta brain wave entrainment has been added which allows for profound spiritual experiences, deepest healing and relaxation, and wonderful restorative sleep.

Click Here for more details and hear the free samples:

...and find out more about Christopher and his music.

With Joy and In Celebration,

Cyndi & Iain

P.S. Christopher immerses himself completely in each work of art he creates - and he doesn't just use his musical instruments in his music. Just last week he wrote me after returning from recording wildlife sounds in the Australian bush

...and Enlighten Me was recorded over a period of 4 months - often as a result of deep meditation and middle of the night, fine tuning of each space - each note

...and then there is the Angelic Choir of In Spiritus. Words will not do justice for what must be experienced.

Loving Life :-)