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I Am Infinite Eternal...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A special type of Egg that can take control of your entire subconscious mind without you even realizing it...

Source: Crack Your Egg

Sometimes a story comes along that immediately
grabs you by the throat... *fiercely*... because 
it's so very mind-boggling and FASCINATING 
for many reasons.

For the past week, I myself have been thorougly 
enjoying something exactly like that, and I can't 
recommend highly enough that you drop whatever 
you're doing  and go watch this right now (if 
you haven't done so already):

Watch this complimentary video series NOW!

The third video in the series just got published...

If nothing else, it's a neat little story about 
a special type of 'egg'...  one that can take 
control of your entire subconscious mind 
without you even realizing it...

And this 'egg' may turn your life into an experience 
where chaos ensues, controversy reigns, feelings get 
hurt, hopes get crushed... 

... and where you may have to put up with a seemingly 
never-ending hurricane of disappointment that could
eventually threaten to swallow up your entire drive 
to pursue your dreams. 

So if you're ready for a whole caboodle of *truly 
refreshing* and NEW insights into how your 
subconscious mind *really* works... and how to 
finally dissolve ANY self-sabotaging patterns 
and limiting beliefs...

... then this is something you can't afford do miss, 
and owe to yourself to watch and read:

Without knowing about your own 'egg', all your 
attempts to "heal" and "reprogram your subconscious 
mind" will likely remain an ongoing hustle against 
an overmatched component. 

That's because they all ignore the one thing we all 
notice, but aren't quite sure how to handle:

** A strange and unsettling energy that always seems to put up a block in whatever endeavor you pursue... **

This third video explains what this 'energy'
is... as well as the tricky task of learning 
the proper way to heal and 'program' your 
system by "cracking your egg". 

This is unlike ANYTHING you've seen before. 

This will - quite frankly - blow your mind
right open. Clean slate. No inner obstacles.
No "energetic imbalances." No limiting

Just leaving the *new*, LIBERATED 'you' that has 
the magnetic power, congruence, and focused 
energy to heal and create whatever it is
you truly desire in life. 

Say goodbye to limiting beliefs, constant
negative chatter, and vague inner blockages
that you can't seem to put your finger on...
let alone get rid of.

This will get you to the bottom of it, and 
set you free once and for all:

Enjoy and all the best.

P.S. Everyone knows a roster of used-to-be-gurus,
not-yet-gurus, wannabe-gurus, and never-will-be-

This is not another 'guru'-presentation at all. 
It's honest, coherent, mind-blowing information 
that's all about YOU!

So go see it now:

It's unlike anything you've ever seen, and it'll 
be the most rewarding thing you watch in a long,
LONG time!