I Am Infinite Eternal...

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I Am Infinite Eternal...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Learn to use meditation to reset the energy of your day and set the energy of your life...

By Sharon Tiegs

Rediscover the original nature of your mind and body...

The "Mediationfest" is coming! 

Are you curious about meditation?

Have you struggled with finding a consistent meditation practice?

Would you like to explore different types of meditation?

Free of charge?

For the first time ever, seven acclaimed teachers and mentors share their profound meditation practices with you at no charge. To help you get all of the benefits of meditation including sweet peace, stress relief, immense wisdom, more energy, and a stream of health gains.

This free online event—called the Meditationfest—gives you an unprecedented opportunity to experience a series of relaxing meditations. All professionally recorded and produced to the highest standards, perfect for whether you are just beginning meditation or deep in a practice.

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"Sonic Access for Success" Meditation
Manifest dreams, break through self-limiting beliefs, reclaim self-confidence, and ignite ingenuity for your personal success through the help of teacher and mentor Paul Scheele. This meditation uses "Paraliminal" and "Holosync" technologies for a deep experience.
"Rebalancer" and "Abundance" Meditations
Reset the energy of your day with "Rebalancer" and set the energy of your life with "Abundance." These two five-minute meditations from spiritual mentor Deirdre Hade are ideal for beginning meditators as well as experienced meditators who need a quick boost.
"Euphoria & Healing" Meditation
"Euphoria is a gift of a healthy, balanced, energetic life," says teacher, healer, and Qigong master Chunyi Lin. This meditation helps you use the most powerful healing energy available—love—so you can discover euphoria wherever you are, in whatever circumstances you may find yourself.
"Conscious Awareness in the Present Moment" Meditation
Experience firsthand how you create your moment-to-moment reality through the guidance of spiritual mentor Jeddah Mali. She will help you live your life freely without the mind interpreting, judging, and limiting you.
"Burning" Meditation
For thousands of years, the "Burning" meditation has been used to burn off general stress and mental fatigue and open the third eye. Teacher and mentor Brian Osborne uses colorful imagery, including red and golden lava and bright yellow light to help you melt away stress and get your energy flowing.
"Law of Attraction Tubes of Light" Meditation
Create harmonious space in and around you, which is ideal for calling on the Law of Attraction. Feng Shui master Marie Diamond will help you attract more peace and feel less influenced by the vibrations of negative people.
"Relaxation and Awareness" Meditation
Himalayan master Swami Veda Bharati helps you rediscover the original nature of your mind and body. You will bring attention to the self and replace any destructive emotions or thoughts with a positive, serene, overflowing experience. You will learn to focus on a word or phrase as a way of calming the mind.

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Each teacher brings their own style, a demonstrated ability to transcend the mind, and a passion for sharing with the world. Each meditation includes a teaching conversation of between 25 and 60 minutes to help you understand the meditation’s beauty and the gifts it brings you.

There is absolutely no charge or obligation to experience these meditations, and we encourage you to tell your friends.  

Your first meditation is waiting for you right now>>>

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For your personal best,

Sharon Tiegs, Learning Strategies