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Friday, June 29, 2012

Panic Attack- Know Your Options...

Panic attack is a very sudden terror filled emotion that usually
comes on within a 10 minute span, and then subsides. This terror, fear
or apprehension is without justification or reason. Now these are
generalities and some experience different degrees of these emotions.

There also may be several panc attacks one after the other, not knowing
when one stops and the other starts. These panic attacks can vary in
severity and length. All these symptom’s are different for different
people. However to the sufferer they are always traumatic

Anxiety is a normal emotion for humans as well as animals. It is an emotion,
and everyone experiences this emotion, called anxiety. Only usually
they are not that severe. When panic escalates into these panic attacks
and anxiety attacks it then starts to become a disorder. Anxiety
disorders include panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and
social disorder.

Control the Worry- Take control of your worry. Learn to fight worry on the home field. Pick yourself a time for worry and that is the only time you should be concerned with worry. Stop looking for things to worry about.

Life is hard enough without finding and searching for things to worry about. A lot of the time people worry about things that never even come close to
being a factor. Just worrying for the sake of worrying is not productive, does not make good sense and is just a waste of your good time. You deserve better. Don’t worry be happy.

Relax, if you cant relax, then learn to relax. There are all types of relaxation techniques find the relaxation system that works for you. Stop trying to be uptight and start learning how to be cool calm and collective. I
know this all sounds like it’s way out there, but these techniques can
be learned. Remember you can always talk to your family doctor. If you
feel the need to, discuss the degree of your disorder. The doctor can
help to lay out a plan and may prescribe meds if needed.

There are other things to consider and things you can control, and of course,some things you cannot. Remember the old saying, Give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Points to remember:

Get plenty of rest

Avoid alcohol

Outside activities and exercise is always good

stay away from caffeine. Caffeine can help to bring on an attack

You are in control of your emotions, so control your emotions

Relax. Learn to relax

Information and knowledge is key.

You deserve to be happy

This system has served me well just as it has others. This probably sounds foreign to you now, but these are steps you can learn. for more information go here anxiety cured

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