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I Am Infinite Eternal...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Guide to Freedom By Andrew Cohen

I'm happy to announce that today we're launching a brand new audio meditation teaching from Andrew Cohen. It's called A Guide to Freedom: Discovering the True Purpose of Meditation and was recorded during a recent retreat.

Over the course of 90 minutes, Andrew guides you, step by step, on an experiential journey into the primordial depths of your own awareness—peeling back layer after layer of your lesser identifications and pointing you to the singular, limitless Self that remains when everything else falls away.

Whether you're an experienced meditator or just starting out, this audio guide will deepen your understanding of and connection to the timeless source of freedom and liberation that makes up the very core of the spiritual life.

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By the end of A Guide to Freedom, you will have had the opportunity to directly taste the timeless, spaceless, and eternal nature of your own deepest self.

You'll also learn the following:

  • How to disentangle yourself from the incessant movement of thought and feeling

  • How to realize the profound happiness of being already full and complete

  • How to awaken to the part of yourself that was never born and can never die

  • How to experience the nonduality, or oneness, of self and world

  • How to become a self-reliant and truly free-thinking agent of cultural change

  • And more…

A Guide to Freedom will open up new vistas in your personal practice of meditation—and answer, in a surprisingly clear and direct way, one of the biggest perennial questions: What is enlightenment?

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Best regards,
Joel Pitney

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