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I Am Infinite Eternal...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Celebrating the Man You Really Are...

You'll just love the way Allana writes... so passionately about what's possible when we give ourselves permission to choose it.

Dear King Readers,

I was dancing like a whirling dervish around the ottoman to Jesus Christ SuperStar when WHAM... Dad through a punch through the wall. SHUT UP!!

My whole world ended.

Safety totally demolished.

My protector was my abuser.

My self expression was very very wrong.

Even when my best friend died when I was 16, and I ran down the highway screaming to the tops of the pine trees NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even when Dad chased after me, held my shoulders tight and said, Hey, if this is it, let's get off. You WILL see them again. Life DOES go on... and even as Dad stood by my side, holding me up in the church as I tearfully spoke the eulogy in my bright orange sweater to celebrate Life not mourn death.... I was still numb inside, my heart was still closed down, my walls were still up, I still wouldn't trust my Dad...

NOT until I did all the inner work I've done as a woman, as a coach and now the gift I've given to hundreds of people just like you.

I'm not sure how your Dad was... or how YOU ARE as a Dad.

I'm not sure if you had a rough upbringing where he wasn't present, wasn't consistent, was drunk, stoned, lectured you, would throw punches through the wall like mine... or in your case... was it AT you?

Did your Dad scare the crap out of you? Do you scare the crap out of your kids? or your wife? or yourself?

Is there so much anger locked up in side you that if you even peek, all hell might break lose?

Is there so much disheartened disappointment inside you that if you dipped your toe in that you'd drown for sure?

This is real.

I get it.

This destroys relationships.

I get it.

This is in the way of promotions, success and living your purpose.

I get it.

This is blocking true peace, a full exhale, resting into the core of your Soul.

I get it.

That's why I am humbled to have created... in tears as I write this... truly downloaded from God... I am blessed to have generated a curriculum that puts everything Right again on the inside.

My Dear Lover curriculum unwinds, uncreates and destroys what's in the way of you being the badass, heart centered, noble glorious sexy as hell man you really are.

Whether you are a Father or not, you are a man, a man with a past, and a man who's future is UP TO YOU.

What if my Dear Lover curriculum could save you marriage?

What if my Dear Lover curriculum could heal your family?

What if my Dear Lover curriculum healed you of how your Dad wasn't there for you, made you question your worth, made your squash your tender heart, made you become hesitant, the nice guy, unable to stop your mind from spinning?

Well it can. And it has.

Here's How... Click Through for Dear Lover Curriculum>>>