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I Am Infinite Eternal...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

For Women Only: Amplify Your Sexy Factor From Your Cells to Your Soul...

By Allana Pratt- The Intimacy Expert

I am having an "I AM WOMAN. HEAR ME RAVISHINGLY ROAR" moment.

SO MANY WOMEN PUT EVERYONE ELSE FIRST and then lose themselves, lose their confidence, lose their clarity, lose their identity.

AND that just doesn't work!

This Mother's Day I'm doing something a little crazy because it's imperative to me that EVERY WOMAN who is ready to declare IT'S TIME FOR ME!!!!!!!!! can have my Radiance DVD/CD in her gorgeous hands.

And I am offering the chance to purchase my Radiance package by Naming Their Own Price.

That's right, on THEIR terms!

How empowering!!

WONDERFUL GIVING LADIES take this incredible offer to LOVE YOURSELF.

It's a universal law that when Mama's Happy, Everybody's Happy.

I'm also known as the 'Sexy Mom' and I've quite a potent message for you that I wanted to pass on.

Have a look and let My energy empower you!

"Dear Treasured friend,

We have it in common.

We are women that are doing it all. We are mothers, wives, girlfriends, caretakers, career women, sisters, best friends, and we maintain everything. As women we have the ability to do it all, even if we forget to take care of ourselves.

But that stops now.

My situation was familiar to many of you. I experienced tragedy and happiness, I was married and determined to make it all work. I hit tremendous highs and then staggering lows.

I felt misunderstood and done. I felt disempowered. I had no more RADIANCE left.

But once I was done with that, I made a VOW that it would never happen again and that I would find that person inside myself that was raw, primal, unabashed and willing to make the powerful declaration that she would NEVER AGAIN be dis-empowered.

I will help you do the SAME.

I will share my Radiance with you.

What I am offering you is the chance to find your inner Goddess and declare that it is your time NOW!

I will help you amplify your sexy factor from your cells to your soul in this incredible offer that I am about to let you in on.

And I am offering YOU the chance to purchase my Radiance package by Naming Your Own Price.

That's right, on YOUR terms!

This offer runs exclusively for you from May 1st, 2012 to midnight May 13th, 2012.

Here's what you get:

6 FULL DANCE videos(1 Hour), with myself & Jennifer Joy Jimenez.

6 FULL INTERVIEWS(4 Hours), with top leaders whose wisdom complements mine.

6 FULL WEBINARS(4+ Hours), of my proven curriculum that has saved marriages, attracted the One, healed sexual shame or abuse, dissolved timid & hiding women from growth.

6 WEEKS HOMEWORK/SYLLABUS/SUMMARY, effective practices to do now and again as you grow, expand and evolve in your sensual expression.

3 FULL DVD's +1 CD that you can take anywhere.

What is the value of waiting?


So honor yourself by acting now and Grab My Radiance package by Naming Your Own Price, just in time for Mother's Day- a day that celebrates women and the day that you can celebrate taking back your passionate YOU.

Deliciously Yours,