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I Am Infinite Eternal...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Energetics of Creativity: Foaming or Frothing?

In this clip, taken from the Kosmic Creativity Media Collection, Sofia offers a fun and wildly exuberant presentation on the embodied energetics of creativity.

"If you don't understand a word I say, you're getting it!" -Sofia Diaz

Sofia Diaz is one of the world's most treasured (and most beautiful) dakinis—an ever-flowing fountain of spontaneity, creativity, and deeply feminine wisdom. She is the incarnation of energy and movement itself—and therefore the perfect medicine for the sort of disembodied abstraction, hyper-intellectualism, and idle navel-gazing that we often feel as integral practitioners.

Sofia is an exceptionally gifted muse, calling us out of the muck of our own somnolence and inspiring us toward an infinitely more awakened experience of the innate wisdom of our own bodies. She is also a courageous guardian of the sacred, cutting fearlessly through the tensions, anxieties, and stubborn neuroses that keep us separated from our fullest expressions of (and as) the divine.

As a result of this fearlessness, when dealing with uncomfortable moments or unspoken irritations, Sofia is not content to just ignore the unnamed elephant in the room. Instead she will leap on top of the elephant, straddle it, take the reigns, dig in her heels, then crash the damn thing right through the wall—breaking us from of our habituated thoughts and behaviors, while leading us away from self-contraction and self-defeating narratives, and toward a radical freedom of body, mind, heart, and spirit....

It is our very deep honor to present to you one of our most cherished friends, teachers, and healers: the one and only Sofia Diaz.

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