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Monday, April 2, 2012

Keys to Orgasmic Mastery- Master your sexual energy!

By Bryan

Sexuality can be one of the most rewarding, dynamic, and Edgy aspects of being a human being on this planet, yet our culture gives it such a thin treatment, with very little substance and lots of titillation and hype.

Authentically exploring your sexuality as a man can be supremely rewarding- that's definitely what I've discovered for myself!

Sexual energy master Jim Benson is leading a course called Sexual Energy Mastery- a frank, open conversation about sex and how to open up the channels in your body to feel more pleasure, have more control, and even experience multiple or full-body orgasms...!

Reserve your spot here:

Jim's going to cover:

  • Five practical tools for gaining more control during sex...
  • How to feel more confident about your sexuality, both inside and outside the bedroom
  • The 3 types of masculine bedroom styles- Jim thought this might be a little cheesy, ("Bruno Bliss"?) but I feel clear that these sexual archetypes will help you get clear on the next level for you.

It's designed to work with two kinds of guys:

1) If you struggle with the physical and mental challenges of early ejaculation: Jim will help you normalize your situation and teach you the foundational principles of gaining ejaculatory control.

2) If you already have control over your ejaculation, Jim will share with you the tools he personally used to move from "guy with control" to "multiorgasmic monster".

Reserve your spot here:

Jim's the real deal- his wisdom has benefited me personally- and therefore my girlfriend as well :) - and he's trained hundreds of men in having more freedom and self-expression in the bedroom, including several who have learned to access the "holy grail" of being multiorgasmic and having full-body orgasms.

For us men, so often the way our bodies work simply goes unexplored and undiscussed... and this training call with Jim will bring a new level of awareness around your relationship to sex and your body.

If this is an area of your life you'd like more freedom and awareness, register here: