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Monday, April 9, 2012

Foundations for creating attraction and deep connection with women...

By Bryan

It used to DRIVE ME CRAZY that I wasn't able to walk up to women I didn't know and start a conversation.

And so, like anything else I wanted to improve at, I PRACTICED approaching women.

Sometimes, I would see a girl and tell myself, "Even if I'm not physically attracted to this girl, I should at least approach her, just for the practice."

This can be useful, but there's a TRAP.

See, if you practice approaching women, they can EASILY become objectified - an "opportunity to practice my approaching skills"... and women are SUPER-SENSITIVE.

They're gonna FEEL that they're simply a "means to an end" for you, and this is going to impact your level of connection and attraction - Negatively. And if you are basically using someone for practice, it won't feel as good to you either.

I congratulate you for being inspired to overcome your "approach anxiety," and gain facility with meeting women you've never met... but ask yourself:

"Can I access my Genuine Curiosity about this person, independent of 'improving my skills'?"

The answer to that question may be "no," and that's fine.

However, if you can't bring yourself to be truly interested and curious about someone else - her hopes, dreams and desires - then it's gonna prevent you from
having DEEP, REWARDING CONNECTIONS (not to mention that women feel slightly "used" when you interact with them).

Here's a tip to counteract this tendency:

Consider that at one time, the woman you're approaching was a little girl.

Ask yourself,

"What was she like as a child?

Meek and quiet, or a troublemaker?

A girly-girl, or a tomboy? etc..."

This will help you get out of the "approach practice" mindset and help you truly relate to her as another human being...

From this place, your first interactions will be more rewarding for BOTH of you.

Try it out!

And, if you want more killer tips about creating attraction and connection with women that will have you BOTH feeling exhilarated, turned on and excited - whether it's a cold approach, or you've known her for decades - then you'll want to check out our Foundations of Inner Game Program.

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Bryan and the AMP Team