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I Am Infinite Eternal...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Most responsible and powerful way to move forward and create change....

By Allana Pratt

Dear great glorious Friends,

He was feeling emasculated by his wife, behaving passive aggressively with her.

He wasn't into his job, not clear what he wanted to do next with his life, feeling insecure and indecisive about his decisions...

And his son was now starting to behave with hesitancy as well.

He didn't have tons of extra cash so we decided the two discounted private sessions with my Dear Lover DVD was the most responsible and powerful way to move forward and create change.

Our first private session was mind blowing.

I fell in love with this man's soul. What a great heart.

You see I don't tell people what to do.

I don't honesty know what's going to happen in a particular session.

I do trust that I will know what questions to ask.

I know I can hold an impeccable, safe, unconditionally loving space.

And I trust my spot on intuition to simply follow the energy to the place of lightness, clarity and freedom...

In just the first session... not only did we clear up the past with his parents, with his decisions with grad school, with money, with his wife... I was drawn to lead him through an extraordinary guided visualization with God.

It gave me shivers.

This man was able to 100% shift his point of view from getting his self-worth and security from external circumstances (always seeking more validation, more money, more something to be enough)... he shifted to knowing his self-worth, self-esteem and security from the inside out... seeing himself as God did.

I hope I remember this right, yet I swear they were drinking Scotch together in the visualization.

Breathtaking how quickly he got it.

Got the truth of his magnificence.

THEN it was time for our 2nd session, yet he lost his job, or maybe it was his wife lost her job, yet instead of pulling out of his commitment, he created a payment plan to make it work and we reconnected just last week.


He's been watching and implementing the DVD curriculum, listening to our first session... yet get this....

He and his brother went hunting, talked for hours and he was a leader suggesting his brother consider forgiving their parents and move on.

1. He and his wife are now going to water aerobics and have lost all this weight

2. AND they are having way better sex, of course

3. AND they went to this theme hotel and stayed in the Hay Stack Loft Room for their anniversary! Bow chicka bow bow...

4. AND when his van called it quits, instead of acquiescing and getting the car she wanted, he actually spoke his truth, researched other options and together they decided on what worked for them both.


He's been uncertain with what he wants to do, not clear on his purpose, not feeling empowered, driven and in his power...right?

So now he's found a private correctional facility for young men that has really turned him on and vibrantly awakened his purpose.

When we started, he had fear that nearly crippled his capacity for action or self-worth.

Now he's standing up, speaking his truth, reconnecting with his wife, he's invigorated in his relationship with his brother, and is stoked for the possibilities of this new career path.

I have to admit I had tears in my eyes at how magnificently he's applied himself, at how far he's come, at how he made it work to complete our 2 life altering sessions, at how he's returned to his core power, confidence and capacity to create his life.

Can't you just feel what it's like for his boys to witness his shifts?

To feel the love increase in the home?

To watch Dad celebrate incremental steps, little victories, and keep going?

I am so honored, blessed and touched to be able to connect so intimately him and with incredible men like you... about issues that really matter... creating results that make life worth living again.

You have it in you to apply yourself and create shifts.

I am the catalyst to tip you into the next dimension with laser sharp guidance and effective results.

And I'm soooo honored to love you at such a profound time of expansion on the planet.

I love watching a great man like you do the deep work and soar.

It's like witnessing a Knight become a King.

Know I believe in you, that you living your dreams makes my feminine goddess energy awaken and sizzle.

AND I promise... you 'on your game' will make you the man who gets her into the Hay Stack Loft Room saying yes, Yes YES!

Deliciously yours,


p.s. How would you like to tap into the magnetically sex and noble person that I know you are... the Dear Lover DVD can give you the freedom, power and fulfillment you are looking for...