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I Am Infinite Eternal...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How could it get any better?

By Allna Pratt

Dear incredible Readers,

I'm coming undone. First, I had a 30-minute call today with my youngest man ever. A 17-year old man from Germany, on Skype! Total cutie. Wow, how amazing is that?

He's in the YES! Membership (yes, that's how you get a complementary call with me guys *wink*) and after our call about his insecurities spinning in his head paralyzed with procrastination, here is where we got:

"Ever since I was little I liked to dance and my mum used to tell me I got 'the rhythm in my blood' (It's a German phrase; you know what I mean?). I always tinkered with the idea of joining a Hip- Hop dance group - but never did it. Maybe I was afraid I would fail, wouldn't be good at it. I told myself I just can't decide what I want to do. Maybe playing guitar would be the better choice? So I did nothing. But boy, how do you know what you want if you never try it?! So, I just tracked down all the Hip-Hop dance schools and groups in my area. Tomorrow I'm gonna check them out and show up to the next practice.It's about time to do what I want and SHAKE IT! :D Wish me luck, Greetings from Germany, Lukas"

Isn't that the bomb? Rock your bootie Lukas!! Can't wait to hear.

Next, I'm coming undone because I'm so excited to be invited to to be on the support/ facilitation team for Aletheia in LA this month. However I can serve will be divine. Did you know it's the first time Decker has come to Los Angeles EVER to facilitate an event?

It's called Aletheia: A Deep Dive into Authentic Relationships. (January 27-29 Los Angeles)

~*Join me for Aletheia*~

When I talked with Bryan the first time, it was for almost 2 hours (amazing connection). When I interviewed him in San Fran I could see FOREVER in his eyes. They say for this event you will experience:

  • A loved one's eyes light up with gratitude for finally feeling seen for the unique gift that they are...
  • Crying tears of relief from realizing we can let go of a self-image we've been carrying for years....
  • Raw, edgy excitement at feeling finally free to say what's REALLY true for us, without holding back from fear of what others might think.
  • Profound spiritual realization, often only found in a monastery or intense meditative practice...

This is the deliciousness I live for. This is what I experience with you in private sessions. On the membership call this month, men were moved to tears, for my voice just makes them feel safe.

~*Become a Member*~

This is the reason why my son called to say he wanted to stay with me because his dad, bless him for all he does do, couldn't support him emotionally when his cat died. I create the safe space to be real, to be welcomed, enveloped, accepted and unconditionally loved even in his pain.

So glorious men, join me at the Aletheia Event in LA!

~*Join me for Aletheia*~

How could it get even better?
Just know that showing up as the authentic, glorious YOU is what turns me on, what opens me deeper, what makes me love being a woman, and is the key to getting Her to say YES!

Humongous deliciousness for you!