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I Am Infinite Eternal...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Start focusing on your wounds so that you can be BOTH a Healthy Huge Hearted man....

By Allana Pratt

6 (now 7?) Knights Rock It...

Before I give you the boiled down crystallized solutions, nuggets and gems of wisdom that the 6 men on the YES Membership call last night have experienced and integrated into their lives... I want to share this...

  Hello Allana,

 I don't know if you will get this, I hope they forward it to you. I just listened to one of David D Angelo's CDs with you as a guest. My friend said I have to listen to you. We both have CDs from David. Allana holly shit you are spot on with my life and a couple of my ex-girlfriends. I have received so many emails from you and didn't pay much attention to them. I am sorry, definitely my loss. The way you talk about depth through the heart to ultimately get what most humans desire. I am so deep, my confidence really exceeds itself at times. I am a lover, romantic,protector, Cancer, so on and on.

I know who I am and what I want. The problem is I fall deeply in love and when the compatibility bucks heads that's where I am now. My ex of 2 1/2 months is really hard to get over. I really wanted to marry her. She has OCD. That's where the problem is: when I get romantic she starts an argument to keep me from getting close...I want somebody to love and protect and grow with. I WILL FIND HER.

Thank you.

p.s. I am not a wuss boy. I do have balance. lol

I wish I knew your name Nobel Knight!

Thank you for your kind words and glad you are enjoying my support now. You sound like a huge hearted man, like so many of the amazing men I attract that just got the solutions they need from other dating experts.

Men with huge hearts DON'T get over their ex's as easily as other men. Men with huge hearts DON'T bounce back as quickly as other men. Men with huge hearts DON'T make good choices in women if their hearts are wounded. YET men with huge HEALED hearts are the BEST lovers, BEST partners and BEST catches out there, for you have the capacity to deeply, profoundly [fuck us like only a Nobel Knight can.]

(what a shame to waste THAT capacity just because no one has shown you how to hear your heart and all this time you've been thinking you are weak! WRONG!)

Here is a list of what the men on the YES! call have learned from me and inspired in one another, having been part of a community that YOU can put into practice today.

And of course, if you haven't joined yet, do so!

Not only do you get all the archived live calls, past interviews, videos, audios, but you also get fresh material each month and two live calls a month with me! To top this amazing offer off you will also get a 30 minute live (complementary) session with yours truly.

David said in 30 minutes I figured out what his therapist of 4 years hadn't. Just that alone can change your life.

So back to the tips to integrate, you big hearted (albeit wounded hearted) Knight:

1. Why have you chosen a woman who won't let you in? Wounded hearts do this, your wound meeting her wound. Men on the call last night were speaking of dating women who were flakes, didn't keep their word, lies, wouldn't call back or show up, and even played games.

I told them everything outside is a mirror of the inside. What value is there in chasing a woman who doesn't honor you? Yet blaming her just keeps THEM in judgment. Instead, take full responsibility and ask yourself what part of ME is lying to me? Flaking on me or my purpose? Not keeping my word to myself, my commitments, my dreams? What part of ME is not showing up? My boundaries? My ethics? My self worth? My self forgiveness? What part of me is playing games and not stepping fully into my truth?

So love, my coaching to you is join the YES Membership and let me guide you as well. Instead of focusing on her, getting over her, wanting to have married her, fix her, change her, save her it's time to take all that energy and start healing YOU. Start focusing on your wounds so that you can be BOTH a Healthy Huge Hearted man AND one who has integrated your boundaries, values, clear purpose, discernment with what you deserve.

2. Men on the call through our work together have now:

  • Completed a masters degree.
  • Are not intimidated by women anymore.
  • Quit a job they hated and found a job they like.
  • Committed to moving out of their parent's house January 1.
  • Fired business partners that weren't in line with their values.
  • Easily approach women and took all power back.
  • Know there is nothing they can't do:total faith and determination.
  • Feel relaxed on the inside and trust their gut instincts.
  • Trust themselves AND the Universe that it's on their side.
  • Accept challenges and show up for the journey. They are not hindered by attachment to the outcome.

I am friggen' turned on, inspired and adoring of these incredible men with he deep, powerful work they've done and how they challenge and believe in one another. A brotherhood.

Nameless knight, consider yourself HOME in my love, my arms, my wisdom, my mastery and my 100% belief in you and commitment to your freedom, power and confidence so that you share that big heart of yours with a quality and beautiful woman.

Know you are loved,