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I Am Infinite Eternal...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pleasure Practices- Do what you’ve always wanted to do...

By Allana Pratt

Happy Holidays!

I have an opportunity for you to provoke a passionate response in your community!

(and it's more than me in a bikini!)

It's my Pleasure Practices ready in time for the Holidays!

They are 52 audio pleasure practices... each 3-5 minutes long that you can listen to in your home, car, ipod.

The practices can take as little as 5 minutes or be expanded into a glorious 60 minutes... presented to you in a gorgeous Holiday Edition CD Package.

Pleasure Practices are meant for virtually everyone... designed for singles, couples, men and women.

They bring out the most centered, confident and joyous YOU possible... scientifically proven practices to enhance your wellbeing and your intimacy!

Pleasure Practices are great as gifts, stocking stuffers or intimate gifts between couples. Perfect for overwhelmed moms, lonely singles during the Holidays, or couples wanting to spice things up!

And the promotion includes the 12 Days of Xmas... me on the beaches of Hawaii!

A great way to get a head start on pleasure now!

Find Out more about  this delicious effective unique product so that your lives expand...

Deliciously yours,