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Monday, October 17, 2011

Authentic Community Leadership: Step Into Your Full Potential As a Community Leader...

"In the past, I've had my own issues with the guys of AMP, mostly just competition, jealously, and judgment (all my own stuff. :))"

This landed in my inbox from Jayson Gaddis, good friend of mine who shared this in an email to his list this morning. Wow...

I want to share with you what he wrote about the role of Authentic Community in his life, because I just LOVE how he Brings it --

His humility and transparency set the example of the the values of Authentic Relating we're inspired to  bring in the world...and demonstrate the power of
Authentic Community... 

Here's what he wrote:


Last week I helped co-create and facilitate an awesome community relationship practice day here in Boulder, CO. 

It was a rich day where all of us simply got together under the context of building a more connected, genuine, community. 

We helped each other see what was in the way. 

A few examples...

One couple (no longer dating) asked for help clearing a complicated break up and got support from 10 of us on how to be in the same community 
with lingering resentments and attraction. Tears, vulnerability and awesome witnessing and holding as they went through it.

In another circle, a woman asked for help clearing some resentment and anger with a former lover. He agreed to sit, listen, and do his best to get her 
experience. It was dicey, turbulent, and ultimately began the healing process for both of them.  

There were several other VERY healing, empowering circles where folks got support around what they wanted and who they wanted to be close to or 
speak truth to.

We will be doing this community practice day again in late November.

But before that, my good friend Decker at Authentic World asked if I wanted to help facilitate their Authentic Community Leadership course here in Boulder.

It's a similar vibe-- co-creating the kind of community we want and empowering the key leaders to make it happen.

In the past, I've had my own issues with the guys of AMP, mostly just competition, jealously, and judgment (all my own stuff. :))

Now I feel clean and clear with Decker and in support of his amazing vision of authentic community and leadership. 

It feels really good to be a full, sincere YES.

I'm actually amazed at the ripple effect of the Authentic World folks and what they've created. 

They are inspiring a new way to be in community together. 

The way I understand this weekend event is that it's for up-and-coming community leaders. 

Men and women who want to be paving the way for authentic, real connections in their communities. 

Folks that can facilitate an appreciation circle at a wedding or birthday party. 

Folks that long for more real, raw connections.

Here's the link to register and it's coming up in just a couple of weeks. 

I look forward to seeing you there, or evolving this conversation about real community practice. 

Here's the link: Authentic Community Leadership




Thanks for this J-- I love the community out there in Boulder, and am excited to be a part of it-- and be working with you again! 

So, if you're inspired to empower YOUR community to be this raw and real with each other -- to see and celebrate the unique gifts each person brings, and have the tools to clear resentments and bring more love into the world, then now is the time to take action. You Really Can Have This! 

Claim your seat in a training that will accelerate your personal evolution, transform your life and the lives of the people around you.

Authentic Community Leadership

In touch,