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I Am Infinite Eternal...

Friday, September 30, 2011

A Sneaky Self-Sabotaging Trick of Your Subconscious Mind...

Do you know what the number one reason is that most people don't meet their personal goals?
Whether someone wants to learn a new language, kick a bad habit, succeed at a business, find their soul mate or stick to a meditation routine -- 80% of people will admit that they just haven't made as much progress as they had expected they would...

And most of them know exactly why.

It's not because the course they bought is no good or the seminar to they attended was lousy.

It's not because the economy is bad and the world is a mess.

It's not because their family isn't supportive or their spouse lives in another world.

Most people would probably admit that the #1 reason they don't achieve their most important goals is because they don't "stick with it."
Once the novelty wears off so does their determination. Or they have so many goals - more than they can possibly achieve - that they've created a situation where they can never make any significant and lasting progress on any of them.

No book, teacher, course, program or levitating master can help you if you're not able to focus and put forth consistent, constructive action.

To help liberate you from lack of follow-through, personal transformation expert Chris Cade has created a complimentary 7-day mini-course called "Getting Things Changed." It explains the inner and outer obstacles conspiring against your efforts at changing your life for the better. 

It's 100% free. You'll receive one lesson per day, and these seven lessons could change the course of your entire life.
You can trust Chris 100% to deliver real, actionable content that you'll be grateful for.

Go on. Give "Getting Things Changed" a try if you want to overcome those sneaky self-sabotaging tricks of the your subconscious mind.
Stop your own mind from stopping you from doing what you already know you need to do to destroy your troubles.